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What is Page Rank?

Page Rank is a rating system introduced by google to help them determine where best to place a page of a site in the index of pages. While by itself, it does not usually count for much, it can be the deciding factor of how well a site places when all thigs are considered.

The only thing that that determines a pages Page Rank (PR) are the links to that page. Both the quantity of links as well as the quality are considered. The quality refers to how well the linking sites product line matches yours. If google considers them compatible, they give you more points. A few high quality links to your site are worth more than many low quality links. In fact, if you have too many low quality links, they can actually keep the PR of your site down. Now, if a link is one-way, meaning someone links to your site but you don't link to their site, then the link takes on even more value. Such a link can have an immediate, favorable, result on your PR.

That is where we come in. By linking to your from a page that is just about your product line and having it a one-way link, the benefits to your site increases. As your Page Rank increases, so will your traffic. This is all done at no charge. You can increase your chances by creating a mini site but that is not required to list here.


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